The Top 3 Jump Ropes For Kids

Are you a parent that is looking to buy a quality jump rope for your lovely child? Or you are just one of the intelligent kids who knows how to browse the internet and is looking to buy a jump rope with your parent’s credit card? I hope that’s not the case!

In anyway, you’ve reached the right spot.

Here I am going to review some of the best quality jump ropes for kids that you can rarely find in your local toys store or fitness stores.

One thing to note is that jumping with a rope does not necessarily contribute to jumping higher as most people think. In order to jump higher you need to actually train your explosiveness. If you are looking to do that then I suggest you check these vertical jump programs I’ve covered.

Let’s begin.

1. Green Toys Jump Rope

Green Toys Jump Rope

This jump rope from Green Toys has been out for a while now since the year of 2009. It has a lot of good reviews. And the good thing about this jump rope is:

The Good

  • It is made specifically for kids ages from 5 – 9 years.
  • The rope is 7 feet long and is adjustable
  • Made in USA, the handles made from non-toxic and safe recycled plastic
  • It has 3 color option, which is green, purple, and pink. If you have a little girl, then I’ll suggest you to get the pink one!
  • Will not get welts from the fast spinning cotton rope.

The Bad

  • Some people find that the handles came off easily or fragile.
  • Some find that the handles are a little too big for their kids to hold tight when jumping with it.

2. What Kids Want (WKW) Minnie Shaped Jump Rope

What Kids Want Minnie

You can’t go wrong with this one if you have a daughter, especially if she loves Minnie from the movie of Mickey Mouse. But if she happen to dislike Minnie, then no worry, there are Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell, Sofia, and Doc McStuffins! This is one of the most adorable looking jump ropes you can find online.

The Good

  • Your little girl will be often motivated to do more rope jumping because of the fun shaped Minnie Mouse handle
  • It has a 7 feet long rope
  • 5 styles for you to choose from
  • Suitable for age 3 and up
  • This jump rope is made very sturdily, so no worry about your kids from breaking them apart

The Bad

  • It doesn’t have an adjustable rope like the Green Toys Jump Rope has
  • Your little boy will not want to use this

3. Redmon Rene Bidaud Jump Rope & Instructional DVD

Redmon Rene Bidaud

This set of jump rope and DVD by Redmon Rene Bidaud is a perfect bundle for any kids and parents that wanted to learn rope jumping together with their kids.

The Good

  • It comes with 35 minutes instructional DVD that you can get to learn with your kids, the DVD has children demonstrating the jump rope techniques, they progress from beginner to expert
  • This jump rope is great for both kids and adults
  • It is created by 5 time World Champion of Rope Jumping Rene Bibaud!
  • Has 8 feet long rope and is adjustable
  • Made with styrene handles and vinyl rope

The Bad

  • It is not made in the USA, instead it’s made in China, but not all products that are China manufactured are bad.
  • Doesn’t have any other color for your kids to choose from

Benefits of Rope Jumping

Kids nowadays don’t have much physical activities as much as we did back in the 90’s. Over 15% of kids in the United States are overweight, if you don’t want your kids to enter this statistic, then make them move as much as possible.

Playing with a jumping rope 15-30 minutes a day is a fun and rewarding activity that could help with that.

Here are some of the awesome benefits jumping with a rope has…


Not only the adults need to stay healthy, but kids too!

One of the Best Vertical Jump Training Programs For Basketball

Aside from blowing things up with guns I’ve got another hobby which is basketball, specifically shooting my self to the air and dunk over my opponents. Therefore I always look for ways to increase my vertical jump and gain an edge.

There are many vertical jump programs in the world nowadays, but recently I’ve stumbled upon one in particular that is said to be like no other training out there. This program is Vert Shock, a vertical leap training program that targets each and every aspect of your vertical jump by following the principles of physics and scientific training.

Unlike most of the other vertical jump programs you may find online, this is the one and only program which focuses on all the essential facets of vertical explosion, quickness and strength.

This program was created by Adam Folker who has been training high school, college, NBA, Olympic athletes and professional athletes for more than ten years – a period in which he worked on creating the best vertical jump program for increasing basketball vertical jump.

About Adam Folker

The man who’s behind the training system

Adam had started as a high school athlete looking for effective workouts to enhance his own performance. However, because of the poor training information he was exposed to earlier in his career, he realized that he did not reach his maximum physical potential and has decided to select another path to reach his target.

After several years of research, creating new ideas and applying new workouts (which would eventually help athletes across the world improve their vertical jump), Adam Folker became one of the most respected figures in the field of jumping higher.

After the promising results his vertical jump program delivered, considering the increasingly huge demand for his services, he realized the requirement for a better distribution system.

Adam’s vertical jump workouts and training were then compiled into a revolutionary program and were published online as the software or eBook we all know as Vert Shock.

The first stage in creating the best vertical jump program: get the science right

Top Vertical Jump Training

The software behind this training program offers the top vertical leap training experience for anyone who is looking for effective methods to accomplish maximum quickness and vertical explosion. This program is such a hit that it has already sold hundred thousands of copies all over the world, thereby helping a lot of athletes achieve their fullest and maximum potential.

Adam is now promoting his methods across the globe, globally touring and helping coaches and athletes improve their vertical jump performance. Vert Shock has given him international recognition as an important authority in the vertical leap training field.


Vert Shock can help you add a minimum of 10 inches to your vertical leap in just twelve weeks. The information in this program is worthy and far beyond any other training system of this kind. From elaborated diet plans to guidelines for training, basketball athletes are offered with everything required to accomplish maximum results within a small time period.

If that’s not enough and you need proof with this program, there’s no shortage of testimonials to verify that for you. Just check out people opinion on what’s trending as the top vertical jump program and see the results people are getting.

The result people usually end up with

Adam Folker and his co-founder of the program (Justin Darlington) really dedicated the time and effort to investigate all the features and addressed everything after the raised question that got everyone on the internet wondering and asking themselves how to increase their vertical leap.

As stated by many coaches and athletes, the only true challenge an athlete may face while applying this method is sticking onto the program throughout the complete 12 weeks period. However, the effectiveness of any training program always depends upon how motivated and determined the athlete is.

Easy to Follow Jump Program

Vert Shock is meant for anyone who wants to not only jump higher, but also improve his overall performance and become the best athlete in his sport domain. The jump program is very simple to follow and all the variations aspects of the training such as weight lifting, exercises, plyometrics, etc.. are well explained in detail in the program as well as the video series.

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